An overview of Swaddling designs:

Swaddling blanket:

We have been surpassed down a swaddling blanket by Swaddle up in Singapore designs. These are A-MAZING.  They are tons large than a receiving blanket, which makes for less difficult and greater comfortable swaddles.


  • Swaddling commands 1-2-three sewn into the tag for easy reference!
  • Extra-large for a simpler swaddle
  • Grows with child – this healthy our kiddo at some point of the whole thing of our swaddling days – she NEVER outgrew it!


You do have to absolutely unwrap the toddler to get entry to for diaper modifications. During the early months wherein night time diaper adjustments were necessary, this will similarly wake-up toddler and make it slightly greater challenging to get her lower back to sleep. Once your little hot canine begins to wiggle extra, they are able to smash loosely.

Miracle Blanket:

The Miracle Blanket came notably advocated on many, many websites and forums. Touted because of the inescapable swaddle, I turned into eager to try this once baby began busting out of the swaddling blanket. I turned into additionally eager to peer if I could manipulate a diaper alternate with this one without unswaddling her fingers. The internal palms flaps saved her hands down longer than the conventional blanket. I depended on this for a while, till she outgrew it in duration.


  • Very cozy – longer, greater dependable swaddle
  • Separate arm swaddle vs. Leg pouch allows for diaper changes without absolutely unswaddling (up to a positive age when legs are too snug inside the pouch to slip out)


Only is available in one size.  In different phrases, your baby will outgrow it in a few months or maybe weeks (relying on how large your baby is). I really desire they made a 2d, bigger length. You can easily transition to a “legs out” swaddle to help you wean off swaddling. In reality, because the inner arm flaps maintain hands so comfortable, you can swaddle with one arm out without sacrificing a comfortable swaddle. I determined with everyday swaddle blankets that in case you had one arm out, the whole apparatus was weaker; no longer so with the Miracle Blanket. It is Stronger, older and more chronic kiddos nevertheless able to wiggle out in the end.


We alternated backward and forward among the Woombie and Miracle Blanket at this degree. Because we swaddled till around 7 months, we had been looking for something that turned into REALLY relaxed, now that she changed into larger and stronger (i.e. Capable of getting out of whatever that wasn’t padlocked shut).

The Woombie is a complete one-of-a-kind form of swaddling product. We had been loaned one from a pal, to begin with, and it becomes love before everything swaddle. No wrapping or twisting. Just a zipper! Constructed of breathable, stretchy material, the baby has the freedom to transport around, while nonetheless having the comfort and security of relaxed womb-like surroundings. I LOVED that I wasn’t constantly re-wrapping her during the night time.


  • Two manner zipper – allows for smooth diaper changes without unswaddling higher frame
  • NO RE-WRAPPING! Secure the complete night!
  • Allows plenty of different positions – infant can make themselves comfortable.
  • Multiple sizes and cloth alternatives – no worries about outgrowing or changing seasons!


I located the tab opened within the night time and the scratchy give up left a few mild scratches on her cheeks. She didn’t appear to thoughts however I did. Check the sizing – different styles (Houdini vs original vs convertible) seem to match substantially differently on our infant.


Well, I suppose I actually have blocked out most of it due to the fact I just recollect frustration for each person. She would sleep from time to time, but not others. She didn’t want to be swaddled, however, did. Then our Zipadeezip got here along (examine our complete Zippy weblog put up here), and lifestyles got higher!


  • Lightweight – get dressed baby as you please beneath the Zippy for changing seasons
  • Provides gentle restrict of fingers and arms with a few freedom of movement
  • Covers arms/hands – this seemed to be key for us – she needed the whole coverage at the same time as we were transitioning away from swaddling. It additionally saved her little wolverine claws from scratching my face inside the night!
  • 2 sizes – no danger of outgrowing! In reality, many mothers use the Zippy well into toddlerhood.


If you have a pacifier toddler and also you’d like them to learn to snatch it themselves, the covered palms present a venture.  They can stroll around in it inside the crib, but it is barely awkward so maintain an eye fixed on them even as they are being used to this to save you face plant life. For details about baby swaddle in Singapore click here.







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