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What are the advantages of tailor-made suits?

Get the perfect fit

One of the biggest advantages of buying affordable tailored suits in Singapore is the fit. Off the rack, suits are based on standard measurements, which is why they rarely fit and need to be altered to fit us. On the other hand, tailor-made suits will fit our perfectly as they are made after meticulously taking our measurements.

Get the style we want

We can get our suit style tailored to our preference and taste. Buying a ready-made suit comes with its own limitations. We may like the suit style and fabric but we may not like the color. With Tailor made suits our styling options are unlimited. We can design the style we want in the color and fabric of our choice and we know it is going to fit us right

Get the fabric we want

One might be getting married on a beach need a linen wedding suit or we may have a vintage theme for our wedding and need fabric and color to suit the theme of our wedding. If we have a particular look in mind for our wedding suit it might be hard to get what we are after in the retail stores but with custom tailored suits we cannot only pick us suit fabric, quality, pattern, and color but also the lining fabric.

Hassle free

We are saving on time looking around for the suit we want from one retailer to other. We save on time trying on the suits to see if it fits us or not. With bespoke suits, all we ask for is 45 minutes of our time for the first appointment where we select fabric, style and also get measured at the same time. The next appointment is for a first fitting, where we try the suit on which usually would fit us like a glove but if there is a need for any small correction, it is all taken care of us at no extra cost.

Good quality and affordable price

Master tailors who are best in the business craft tailor-made suits. Attention is paid to each and every detail of the suit to ensure us get top-notch quality suits. If we are an immaculate dresser and take pride in what we wear then it will be necessary for us to get our suits tailor made. It is our guarantee that once we start wearing tailor-made suits we will never go back to wearing off the rack suits.

Especially in today’s era where a true bespoke suit is commonly mistaken for a ‘made to measure’ suit. The truth is that a “bespoke” suit is ‘made to measure’ but not all ‘made to measure suits’ are “bespoke”.

There are three necessary steps which qualify a suit as “bespoke”:

  • Our body must be measured by our tailor.
  • Our suit fabric must be cut by our tailor according to our body and measurements.
  • Our suit must be handcrafted and constructed by our tailor using full or half canvas interlining (not fused) and our suit will be constructed using a premium, natural fabric such as wool or wool blended with other natural fabrics. To find out more about our bespoke suits in Singapore cost click here.
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