Make your meal delicious:

We offer the nice meals catering solution to your glad occasion As one of the main catering companies in Singapore, Curry Pot Catering takes awesome satisfaction in presenting personal attention, ensuring that you are absolutely glad about the carrier and food we offer.

Peace of Mind:

City Barbeque catering have hundreds of events each year to reviews. The guests will see which you care sufficient to get them the fine bbq catering, heck, excellent food. Prepared with floor chuck, these are a rich, delicious way to fill a tortilla complete of taste. Let bbq meat delivery their personal plates with crunchy, colorful toppings together with Cotija cheese, radishes, and avocado. If you prefer to prepare early, these additionally freeze superbly, so that we can continually have some on hand. These zesty meatballs are a true taste of the Southwest. With poblano peppers, corn chips, lime juice, and purple chile enchilada sauce. We also are a Halal certified caterer in Singapore.

Catering for Lasting Memories

The aroma of hickory smoked meats is something that conjures up all kinds of superb reminiscences, observed carefully via drooling. It won’t be a marvel whilst your visitors inform you over and over again how awesome the food became at your catered occasion. Ground red meat recipes are a weeknight favorite for so many motives: floor pork is cheaper, chefs up speedy, and may be used in infinite scrumptious ways. If you are seeking out a tasty new spin on conventional ground beef recipes like meatloaf, hamburgers, chili, and lasagna, the bbq food catering has you protected. Or, if you are inside the temper for something unique with ground red meat, you will also locate sudden new ways to use ground pork in stir-frys, soups, calzones, kabobs, and extra. Ground red meat freezes properly too, so inventory up on the grocery store and bookmark this gallery as your pass-to source for smooth ground red meat recipes.

Original tacos were a touch distinctive than the U-shaped tortillas invented by entrepreneur Glen Bell of Taco Bell. The real deal starts off evolved with a ball of masa flattened into a skinny round that is fried to a golden crispness. The masa puffs up a piece, that’s how the moniker “puffy taco” came into play. Ours is full of ground pork that has been a pro with jalapeños, cumin, chili powder and if you want Mexican beer. Then fill it with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, and revel in.

Greek Baked Ziti:

Inspired by the conventional Greek consolation dish known as pastitsio. It mixes the conventional flavors of floor pork, onion, and garlic, with oregano and two wealthy kinds of cheese: Parmesan and mozzarella. So bake a dish of this comfort-food preferred, and in underneath 30 minutes you may settle in for a warm, scrumptious, circle of relatives meal. For a smooth weeknight dinner, you could even make this in advance and freeze it. This pasta casserole uses sparkling and flavorful elements.

Affordable and Delicious

Our catering professionals will assist you to construct the menu and offerings that suit your budget and needs. Our countrywide award prevailing, made-from-scratch bbq and sides are positive to thrill. Yes, we also can get awesome fancy for a wedding and special occasion catering. We also have vegetarian options.


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