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Here are the motives why you’re satisfied you employed a confinement nanny Singapore while my toddler changed into born:


You’ve just given birth and misplaced plenty of blood within the process. In order in your frame to heal and produce milk (if you are breastfeeding), you will want plenty of relaxation, and of course sleep. Sure you were waking up via 6 am every morning to pump your milk, however, at least you didn’t to be unsleeping each one.Five hours to nurse your new child. The confinement female did all my night time feedings.


Don’t child yourself. You suppose you may appear after a new child and now have time to put together a nutritional domestic cooked meal for yourself? Well, I notion so. You simply didn’t know that life with a newborn may be so overwhelming and time eating. You will spend most day breastfeeding or pumping. Yup, you will sense like a cow, just kick back and don’t forget: This too will bypass.

No mom or mother-in-regulation

I love my mother-in-law to bits and she or he is pretty cutting-edge too, however, I’ll still take employed help whenever. Just so I can still be in-rate. Most mothers or mother-in-legal guidelines suggest nicely when they offer to appear after you for the duration of your confinement length. But permit’s face it, as soon as they’re on your property, you play through their regulations. Because they’re aged and supposed to know better. Mostly due to the fact you experience indebted to them because they are there for you. Also, your hormone may be everywhere in the location, you’d sense all emotional on the slightest element they are saying.


No house chores for a whole month. Whether your va-jay-jay continues to be hurting too much from delivery or not, assist with housework is always welcomed each time.

You can ignore her

You nonetheless play with the aid of your personal policies. There are some quite ridiculous confinement rules that are still being implemented these days, like handiest drink heat water/beverage, no handwashing with tap water, no fan/air conditioning. With the hired assist, you are free to pick out whether or not to comply with those guidelines or ruin them. I’m the worst, I broke every single rule.

She has manner more experience dealing with a newborn

Whether this could be your first, second or 1/3 child, she might nonetheless have more revel in than you, Pick her brain. Learn the basics of child-care from her. You could even learn an issue or two on the way to take care of your older child. You’d in no way know till you ask.

Someone to talk to

It gets quite lonely in the first month after giving beginning. Unless you have a large family and they drop by using al the time. For a person like me whose each unit of dad and mom and in-legal guidelines are overseas, she became a de-facto mother to me.

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